The mission of the department of Periodontology and Oral pathology is to promote in excellence in teaching, learning, research and creative activities, patient- centered care and professional service that will advance the oral health as well as the overall health of the people.

The department of periodontology and oral pathology has three sub wings.

Periodontology is concerned with establishing and maintaining health for the structures that supports teeth. Periodontology is engaged in the treatment of problems associated with gums and poor oral hygiene. These includes scaling and root planning, splinting, abscess drainage. Surgeries such as flap surgery are conducted here.

Oral pathology is the study of the diseases of the soft and calcified structures of the oral cavity. It focuses on the nature, identification and management of diseases affecting the oral tissues. Oral pathology bridges two aspects of the health sciences: basic science and clinical practice. Knowledge is applied to clinical situation and various histological, molecular, and others parameters are used to determine diagnoses.

Oral medicine interfaces dentistry and medicine and is concerned with the health care patients with acute, chronic, recurrent and medically-related disorders of the oral and maxillofacial region including chronic facial pain. Oral medicine is involved in patient care, teaching and research involving diagnosis and nonsurgical management of diseases of orofacial complex and behavioral disorders that impact oral health.


The laboratory provides oral diagnostic histopathology service with histopathologic analysis of biopsy specimen submitted.

Faculty Members


Pioneer in oral pathology in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh, he is renowned in this sub-continent for his immense work and publication. He earned his BDS in 1981 from Dhaka Dental College, Dhaka University. Then he completed DDS from BSMMU IN 1986. He pursued his PhD from Hokkaido university, School of Dentistry in oral pathology.

He joined in Dhaka Dental College in 1983 as a lecturer. From there he joined as Research Fellow of department of oral pathology, Hokkaido University, School of Dentistry in 1990.He also worked there as a Teaching assistant later. After a successful career in japan he return to his country and backed  in Dhaka dental college  as an assistant professor in 1996. He started his journey In Sapporo dental college from2003. Now he is the principal of Sapporo dental college and also head of department of periodontology and oral pathology.

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Most experienced fellow after professor Asad-uz-zaman ,born  in Dhaka. He studied in the prestigious institutions Govt. Laboratory high school, Dhaka College and Dhaka Dental College.He earned his B.D.S. in 2001 under the university of Dhaka.then he completed his MPH from North South University in 2008.

Serving Sapporo Dental College since 2005 as  Lecturer.

He took many training & hands on courses in clinical dentistry in home and abroad.Dr Maruf takes pride in his constant pursuit of lifelong learning as as Dentist and providing all with warm,compassionate and quality care.


completed his BDS in 2005 from a renowned City  Dental College. He studied in   Bindubashini govt. girl’s high school  & Kumudini girl’s College.She  did her post graduation training from BSMMU. She completed MPH from AIUB in 2016 She also attended international seminar arranged by Asian Society of Maxillofacial Pathology(ASOMP) in india in  2019.

She joined in Sapporo dental  college as a lecturer in 2007

She loves to travel a lot. Listening music is also her leisure interest.


Young and energetic fellow of the department. He stadied in govt laboratory high school and CODA.He completed his BDS from Sapporo dental college in 2009.

He  done a hands on course in dental implantology by OSSTEM

He join in Sapporo dental college in 2011 as a lecturer.

His passion is football & loves to watch every single match particularly with his friends and fellows.


Dr Rownak Rahad completed his BDS in 2014 from a renowned dental college in Bangladesh,Sapporo  Dental College. He studied in Adarsha school Narayanganj & Narayanganj College.He did his post-graduation training from Dhaka Dental College.

He joined his own college as a lecturer in 2018 to serve more.

He loves to take care of plants and pets in his leisure time.


The youngest fellow of the department who passed her BDS in 2013  from a institution of excellence , Sapporo Dental College. She studied in Nawab Faizunnessa Govt. Girl’s High School & Cumilla Victoria college. She did her post graduation training from Dhaka Dental College.

She joined in this institution as a lecturer in 2021.

She enjoys out with her husband and her loving son.