Prof. S. A. Ashraf

MS (Cal), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Edin), FCPS (BD), FCPS (PK)
Principal Academic Advisor and
Founder Principal
Sapporo Dental College and Hospital

Sapporo Dental College as it stands before you today is indeed a living image of a dream of a few patriotic Dental Surgeons of our country who while their stay in Japan felt an essential need of a modern institute for dental education and services in respect of dental and oral diseases in Bangladesh. The idea was conceived nearly quarter of a century before that has come true through their tremendous efforts, huge amount of money and endless miseries and has reached its present status. This is a totally non-profit making institution entirely devoted to imparting dental education to raise the number of dental manpower and deliver modern dental and oral health care services of global standard to patients of our country.

My own association with Sapporo Dental College has a dierent motive, while still in job and engaged in teaching and training I felt the miserable state of dental education and services but found no satisfactory avenue to pick up a scope to improve upon; so when some of these enlightened young men wanted my collaboration, I was very willing and enthusiastic for no kind or cash.

Our aim is to impart a type of teaching that generates urge to acquire knowledge and perfection.

As mentioned earlier, Sapporo Dental College concept was implemented by about half a dozen
highly accomplished specialists in various fields of dentistry and oral surgery was born about 16 years ago without any fun fare and drum beating. All these years the entrepreneurs had passed through many difficulties, odd occasions and very unfriendly attitudes and also non-cooperation from some one somewhere. We bear no grudge for all these because the child has grown well so far and now has a comfortable campus to live in, grow and flourish.

We are fully aware that a teacher cannot teach everything to his students and no examination is hundred percent awless and full proof. Our aim is to impart a type of teaching that generates urge to acquire knowledge and perfection. We wish to create and offer good laboratory and clinical facilities for learning and acquiring skill and experience under the guidance and supervision of capable and fully qualified teachers. Sapporo Dental College is fully equipped with most modern innovations and excellent teaching staff fully devoted to their jobs of teaching and training young graduates in the various specialties of dentistry.

We always believe that, a tree is known by its fruits; gold is gold everywhere. We feel we will be
rewarded only when people of our country will enjoy services of Sapporo Dental College and
Hospital to their satisfaction and our boys are able to earn the praise and confidence of our own people. Academic certificates are only testimonies of qualifications and are no measure of wisdom and skill. We wish and hope Sapporo Dental College imparts knowledge and wisdom both.