The main goal for establishing this institution was to promote the level of dental education and health care by reducing the consistent shortage of well-trained oral health manpower in the country with a view to developing oral health care facilities in Bangladesh in line with global standards of scientific and technological development and proficiency achieved in this field.
In order to achieve that goal, a non-profitable charitable organization was formed named “The Foundation For Health Education, Service, and Research” and the Sapporo Dental College and Hospital (SDCH) was the first project under this organization. Since its inception, Sapporo Dental College is making a continuous endeavor to make it a center of excellence for dental education and clinical training for undergraduate dental students and had plans for further expansion to start post-graduate programs and simultaneous the introduction of advanced clinical training. The fact, which was once a dream, now becomes the reality by starting FCPS training as the first private dental institution of the country with recognition from BCPS.
The institution is the pioneer of community-based dental research aimed at improving the oral health status of the rural people in Bangladesh, and continuously setting up programme to serve the underprivileged. The Institute has successfully accomplished many community dental service projects at the grass-root level. Besides, nationwide dental and medical camps are continuously performed to extend service to the remote areas of the country where dental and medical services are scarce and almost non-existent.