Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

National Goal and Objectives of Course

National Goal:

To produce competent, compassionate, reflective and dedicated health care professionals who:
 consider the care and safety of their patients as first concern
 establish and maintain good relationship with patients, their attendants and colleagues
 are honest, trustworthy and act with integrity
 are capable of dealing with common dental diseases and dental health problems of the country and are
willing to serve the community particularly the rural community;
 but at the same time acquire firm basis for future training, service and research at both national and
international level.
 are committed to keep their knowledge and skill up-to-date through ‘Continuous Professional
Development’ all through their professional life.

General Objective of BDS Course:

The purpose of the dental educational program is to provide the opportunity for the learner to gain scientific
knowledge and clinical skills needed in the practice of the profession, to instill the highest standards of
professional conduct as a way of life and to promote a dedication to continuous, life-long professional study
and improvement.

Specific Objectives of BDS Course :

The dental graduate should possess:
a. A thorough understanding of the biological sciences to enable the integration and correlation of these basic
sciences with clinical dental practice.
b. Competence in diagnosis of oral and dental diseases including and understanding of the relationship
between general and oral diseases.
c. Skills to provide the preventive and curative services commonly required in dental practice.
d. The ability to organise and administer a dental practice efficiently.
e. Ability to appraise and apply research findings and new technology.
f. A commitment towards continuing education.
g. A sense of professional, ethical and social responsibility.

Basic Information about BDS Course

1. Name of the course: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
2. Basic qualifications & prerequisite for entrance in BDS Course:
(i) HSC or equivalent with Science.(Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
(ii) Candidate has to secure required grade point in the SSC and HSC examinations.
3. Students selection procedure for BDS course: According to decision by the proper competent authority
as per merit.
4. Medium of Instruction: English
5. Duration: BDS course comprises of 5 Years, followed by logbook based rotatory internship for one year

Course structure and duration

Phase wise distribution of teaching-learning hours